Liam Winters' English media presentation


1. Overview

some things I love are: I love cats, I love sports (especially martial arts), I love reading, I enjoy drawing, and I love my family and friends. P.S. I also like messing with my hair. :)


2. Family and Friends

here is a picture of me and my family after a family trip, and me and my best friend, Josh Gravestock, on a school field trip.

My family is awesome, my dad is hilarious and really generous, my mom kind and helpful, and my sister is amusing and, well... interesting.

And Josh is just like me, we're both crazy and fun loving. And just in overall, very unique.

3. Achievements

These are a few photos of my award wall, on it I have all my school awards.


4. Hobbies and Interests

I love playing sports. I love experimenting with my hair. Here is a picture of me with pink hair at martial arts.

I love to read and write.

I love to play viola, here is a video of me playing at a concert at the Pen Center.

I love making videos of me just being goofy or funny. Here is an example of one, that I did for a homework assinement earlier this year.

Happy Rock (2012)

here is a link to my main site, for more cool photos, etc. of me, or that I made.