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Motivation of Individual Needs

On this page, I speak about the needs that motivate the actions of individuals and the varying levels of importance our bodies and minds place on all of our needs.



The Role of Parents in Adolescent Development

How often have you thanked your parents for the care they gave you as they raised you? Parenting is typically not something many people think about as a difficult job, but it is. This page is my way of simply thanking all the parents out there for just being parents.


decision making

Decision Making

On this page, I discuss the ramifications of our actions and share the best way to make good decisions at every turn.




Here, I briefly explain the basis of nutrition and some ideas behind healthy eating, sharing some tips on how to improve your diet.



Financial Planning

I describe how easy it can be to save money and offer a list of suggestions that are both everyday and long-term to help you manage your finances and spend your money wisely.